Deep Fried Tarantulas

17 Feb

Yes, you did read right. Last night Jim and I visited a very charming little restaurant in Phnom Penh – all proceeds of which went to some charitable cause or other – with a wide range of traditional Cambodian dishes, and we decided to sample the deep fried tarantulas. Continue reading


From Hoi An to Saigon, and on to Cambodian climes

13 Feb

It is our last night in Vietnam tonight, and by and large our last week here has been a good one, although I think we are both happy to be moving on!

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The pictures of the dress…

8 Feb
Strictly for all eyes except Jim’s…

Wedding dress shopping!

8 Feb

Well, how exciting.  Since we are here in Hoi An, a town which specialises in tailoring, I decided to take the plunge and see whether I couldn’t get a wedding dress made here.

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Long-promised pictures!

6 Feb

Me making rice noodles!

Just some pics of Hoi An for now, and I will stick up some of our earlier pictures a little later along with a longer post…got a dress fitting to dash to!!

The beautiful beach

Floating lanterns in Hoi An

Us in Hoi An

Motorbike madness and on to Hoi An

3 Feb

It has been a bit of a while since I last wrote, and my promise to upload some pictures has not materialised…for some reason computers seem to behave for as long as Jim needs to upload anything and then start playing up.  I will put some up as soon as technology stops conspiring against me, however.

Moving on from technological gripes, however…after my last blog we had a leisurely couple of days more in Ninh Binh, taking a bus to see the cathedral at Phat Diem (or rather, cathedrals: not content with one, the site has about four churches on it.  The churches are beautiful but bizarre: typical Vietnamese architecture with whopping great crucifixes on top and Chinese lanterns with ‘Noel’ written on all over the place), and hiring bikes once more to visit the nearby network of caves, which the river runs through, meaning you have to do them by boat.  The latter were beautiful (and terrifying – there were definitely times when I wasn’t sure if Jim was going to be able to duck low enough to not lose his head!), although the tour was somewhat marred by the fact that our (silent – at least in English) guide decided that we had to row too, and jabbed me in the ribs whenever I stopped to take a photo.  Charming. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

28 Jan

Hello all, and Happy Vietnamese New Year as of Monday!  We saw the new year in back in Hanoi, which was very much in the party spirit, with everyone congregating around the lake dressed up to the nines, concerts and dance performances going on all over the place and a climactic firework display over the lake at midnight.   If you have a look at Jim’s blog you’ll find a link to some videos he’s uploaded to youtube (see my last post for a link). Continue reading