The Funimals of Australia

14 Jun

One of the most amazing things about Oz is that you just can’t move for exciting birds and animals.  We arrived in Sydney and people were ignoring the exotic looking hook-beaked birds flocking around the park as you or I would pidgeons in a British town.  Several of our campsites were overrun by kangaroos and – cutest animal ever – wombats.  Here are a few of the birds and beasts we saw…and yes, we really did get this close…

The cutest animal ever…a wombat. There were at least three in our field and they stared at us incuriously, munched grass, and then at night came and pooed all over our garden chairs:

Close second in the cuteness stakes, a koala!

 A kangaroo in our campsite one evening:

A rainbow lorikeet so unafraid it came to peck bread from campers’ hands

The prettiest bird ever, a crimson rosella:

 The ubiquitous and very noisy kookaburra

And best of all, the smallest penguins in the world!  (Creatively named Little Penguins)


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