How the time does fly by…

22 Feb

Except, that is, when you’re on a Southeast Asian bus.  Avid followers of both this blog and Jim’s will have already read about our epic journey yesterday – 250 miles in 16 + hours, impressive.  Next time we might just walk.  Anyway, since he has already described that particular tale of woe I won’t repeat it.  We are, however, already a week in to our trip in Cambodia and the time is very much flying.

It has to be said, my positive first impressions have not so far been shaken, although admittedly we have had a few challenges in the last week.  Our trip to the much-recommended idyllic island of Koh Rong was something of a mixed bag.  The beach that we ended up on (not in fact the resort that everyone else goes to, but instead some guy’s little entrepreneurial venture in the middle of nowhere on the wrong side of the island) was very, very beautiful, and unspoilt in the truest sense of the word (because there was no one there except this one guy’s family to spoil it!)  The area in fact boasted nothing more than a cluster of little wooden buildings – a bar/restaurant of sorts, several bungalows, and for us latecomers a shack which unfortunately had big gaps between the slacks to let all the insects in.  And a larger something which shuffled constantly above my head at night but the identity of which I was too scared to discover.

Although it was idyllic (and after the hair-raising journey there, which involved some pretty big waves, we were only too happy to have a relax), and the weather was thankfully wonderful once more, the beach also unfortunately played host to a large quantity of sand flies.  These, I found out far too late, are far greedier than mozzies.  My back looks like I have contracted measles – I’m surprised people aren’t crossing roads to avoid my apparently infectious outbreak of itchy red lumps.  The bastards even bit my bum.  Anyway, back to the positive note I was getting to – despite the ups and downs of this little adventure, we have found people constantly friendly and willing to help when things go a bit wrong (which is as often as our experience of SE Asia so far has already led me to expect) – even the guy on Koh Rong who was slightly scamming us by taking us to the wrong bit of island.  No one likes a 16 hour journey, but at least it’s nice when people are falling over themselves to make sure you know what’s going on.

Now we’re in Kompong Thom and looking forward to getting back to some good old fashioned exploring after our brief beachy sojourn.

Peace and love!


One Response to “How the time does fly by…”

  1. Brenda and Roy March 5, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    Hi Jen and Jim, Dave has given us your site and am enjoying reading the blog, not read all, have you been to the Cu Chi tunnels? If so what did you think of them. Love and hugs Brenda and Roy xxxx

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