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Happy New Year!

28 Jan

Hello all, and Happy Vietnamese New Year as of Monday!  We saw the new year in back in Hanoi, which was very much in the party spirit, with everyone congregating around the lake dressed up to the nines, concerts and dance performances going on all over the place and a climactic firework display over the lake at midnight.   If you have a look at Jim’s blog you’ll find a link to some videos he’s uploaded to youtube (see my last post for a link). Continue reading


Very quick note

24 Jan

Hey all!  Got to be quick because there’s a huge queue to the computer, just a quick link to Jim’s blog, he’s uploaded a couple of pics! Enjoy!

Cat Ba Island

21 Jan

Hello again all!  Our first week of travelling is already drawing to a close, and the time has been flying by, I can’t believe it’s already been a week.  On Wednesday we moved on from Hanoi to Cat Ba, an island near Ha Long Bay, in an area of the South Chinese Sea scattered with dramatic rocks and islands rising from the waters for as far as the eye can see, said by local legend to be the spine of a dragon rising from the water.  All in all, the scenery is rather impressive. Continue reading

Arrival in Hanoi

17 Jan

So, having endured a trip totalling 24 hours, which actually wasn’t as bad as I expected due to the sheer novelty of being waited on hand and foot on a plane (Easyjet is very much the limit of my experience on air travel), we settled down yesterday in our perfectly passible hotel in Hanoi and  promptly fell asleep for a good few hours longer than we had planned to, went out for a couple of beers and realised a little too late that we had completely missed all the eateries, which despite the craziness of Hanoi all apparently close at 10pm.

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The Travels!

10 Jan

Well, everyone.  This might come as a vague surprise to some of you, seeing as I am notoriously awful at telling anyone what is actually going on in my life (it’s nothing personal, I am just rubbish).  As of Sunday, however, Jim and I will be jetting off to what I bloody well hope are sunnier climes, for the next six months.

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