The Funimals of Australia

14 Jun

One of the most amazing things about Oz is that you just can’t move for exciting birds and animals.  We arrived in Sydney and people were ignoring the exotic looking hook-beaked birds flocking around the park as you or I would pidgeons in a British town.  Several of our campsites were overrun by kangaroos and – cutest animal ever – wombats.  Here are a few of the birds and beasts we saw…and yes, we really did get this close…

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Leaving Asia! Some Highlights and Lowpoints

29 May

It seems hard to believe that our four and a half months in Asia are over: they have both flown by and felt like a lifetime.  Our travels around South East Asia began in Vietnam, worked their way through Cambodia, lingered in Laos, flew through Thailand and Singapore, and have gently wound themselves down in Java and Bali.  A few highlights, recommendations, and – just as inevitably – not so great moments – and lots of pictures!

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Pi Mai and Chiang Mai

23 Apr

It has been, I know, horribly long since I last wrote a travel post, so I thought maybe the time had come.  What can I say, Jim does such a good job, and in such glorious technicolour. It has been an eventful week, however, so hopefully we won’t overlap too much.

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Beerlao and bicycles

26 Mar

More of the former than of the latter, I admit, but hey.  Apologies for the long stretch between this and my last post (I’m sure your lives have been empty!) – it has been in equal measure due to laziness, the appeal of beerlao (I probably don’t need to translate that for you) and the lazy time we’ve been having since we entered the marvelous country of Laos.  After my long silence, however, I shall now give you a quick run down on how we’ve been spending our time…

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Packing our trunks and saying goodbye to the circus

9 Mar

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How the time does fly by…

22 Feb

Except, that is, when you’re on a Southeast Asian bus.  Avid followers of both this blog and Jim’s will have already read about our epic journey yesterday – 250 miles in 16 + hours, impressive.  Next time we might just walk.  Anyway, since he has already described that particular tale of woe I won’t repeat it.  We are, however, already a week in to our trip in Cambodia and the time is very much flying. Continue reading

Vietnam in pictures (belatedly)

22 Feb

The Palaces of Heaven caves in Ha Long Bay (seems an age ago now!)

Ha Long Bay, shrouded in mist

Jim celebrating Hanoi's Lenin statue

Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, Hanoi

The Tran Quoc Pagoda, Hanoi


The Khai Dinh tomb at Hue


Floating lanterns on the river in Hoi An

The beach at Hoi An

The temples at My Son


Rice wine!

A very large bottle of Tiger beer in Saigon...

A day at Saigon zoo


A quick whizz-through in photo form of our journey through ‘Nam – excluding Ninh Binh because the photos are on another memory stick.  Who knows, I might even get round to uploading some pics from Cambodia soon!